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STEER is the UKs longest running tracker of student mental health, providing schools and the UK government with data, analysis and evidence-based tools since 2015


Of schools say STEER cohort action plans give teachers practical strategies to support their students

STEER was set up 12 years ago by two founders, to teach children to steer the road of adolescence…

Our Mission

STEER was founded by Dr Simon and Dr Jo Walker to build a new generation of social-emotional applications to prepare young people with the human skills to thrive in life. Combining education and psychology backgrounds they set out to solve three big challenges.

First, how to identify young people with mental health risks early, and before they need specialist support. Second, how to reliably measure the impact of schools on students social-emotional development. Third, how to empower young people with skills to steer the road of adolescence for themselves.

Our Contribution

STEER now manages the longest-running dataset of student social-emotional development in the UK. We track, signpost and safeguard students from the age of 8-18 in mainstream, specialist schools and elite sports academies. Our data, allied with more than 3,000 strategies developed by experts, gives STEER a unique ability to support teachers.

During the pandemic, we helped hundreds of schools in more than 15 countries track and support their students during lockdown. More than 10,000 teachers have completed our online training programme. We currently safeguard the mental health of more than 70,000 students.

Uniquely, we enabled the UK government to quantify the impact of lockdown on student mental heath. We published our data 18 months earlier than other organisation, and remain the only institution with pre-pandemic tracking data by which to measure Covid’s actual impact.

Webinar – Bede’s School

Bede’s started tracking their pupils 3 years ago and over that time they’ve tracked and supported thousands of students and trained over 100 tutors and teachers.

Peter Goodyer, CEO of the Bede’s School Trust, Alex Murphy, Assistant Head and Annabel Hodge, Director of Safeguarding, share how AS Tracking helped them detect pupils’ hidden safeguarding risks earlier.

Making an impact

BETT Awards Winner - STEER Tracking

“An innovative whole school approach which gives a more holistic perspective on pupil development. A much needed leadership tool.”

Meet the team

We are a dedicated, passionate and experienced group head quartered in the UK with global engineering capability

Dr Simon Walker

Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and CEO

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Dr Jo Walker

Co-Founder and COO

Co-Founder and COO

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