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To either speak to a specialist about how STEER can help you achieve your goals, or to get started please use the links below and we’ll get right back to you.

Talk to a specialist

Talk to a teacher who has previously used STEER in their own school. Learn about the impact of STEER and explore the questions you have before you decide to get started.

Trevor Greenhill

STEER Modules

If you’d like to discuss all STEER modules except Soft Skills, book a call with Trevor.

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Simon Antwis

Independent School Group

If you belong to a MAT or an Independent School Group, book a call with Simon.

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Clare Sergeant

USTEER for Soft Skills

If you’re looking to discuss the USTEER Course for Soft Skills, book a call with Clare.

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Try before you buy

Undertake a STEER assessment on a group or a class of your own students to see the data on their mental health. See for yourself what STEER can do.

Email to book a free trial

Get started with STEER

Book a video call for your senior leadership team to see a demonstration and talk about implementing STEER in your school.

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Considering launching?

Click on the button below to have a look what your STEER launch would look like.

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