Coronovirus update – STEER provides remote wellbeing support for virtual schooling


STEER’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic has five core strands. We are providing schools with the ability to remotely support the wellbeing and mental health of their students, teachers and parents whilst schools are shutdown.

For each pupil, coping with the pressures of a sustained school closure will be a particular and individual challenge. School is a road which signposts and improves the steering biases for many pupils, reducing their social and emotional risks. A school closure means that pupils no longer have those protective factors around them.

In the absence of the school road, pupils’ steering biases are more likely to lead to increased social emotional risks over this period. Isolation, lack of peer support, anxiety about work, boredom, absence of structure and routine will be difficult features which increase the risks of crashing for every pupil over the coming months.

In addition, teachers and parents will face additional strains. Over this period, STEER will be making available freely our resources to support teachers and parents. These include our Steering Parents resources and our USTEER app.