Looking for AS Tracking?


Looking for AS Tracking?

STEER’s AS Tracking application is now part of a new and expanded modular suite of STEER products.

In order to fulfil our mission to prepare as many young people with the human skills they need to thrive in life as we possibly can, STEER is upgrading and expanding AS Tracking with a suite of applications.  AS Tracking is being replaced over the next 12 months by this new modular suite of applications.  There will also be a new, modern and easy to use interface too, for faster and easier access to assessment data and all the other AS Tracking features.  We believe the new modular approach will be a significant enhancement in terms of choice and flexibility for schools currently using AS Tracking, as well as for schools beginning to use STEER for the first time.  We have planned a careful and phased transition from AS Tracking that will ensure continuity and least disruption for our users, and the STEER consulting team will be leading all our schools through this transition with careful guidance.

STEER’s modular suite is designed to give customers flexible solutions, enhanced student insights and increased ease of use to measure, track and improve whole school self-regulation. Here’s how AS Tracking and the new modular products compare:

STEER Tracking

Replaces AS Tracking in-school assessments and data and student action planning. STEER Tracking includes upgraded speed, navigation, accessibility, action planning and reviewing. Schools purchase STEER Tracking and then are able to upgrade by adding further modules.

STEER Safeguarding

Replaces AS Tracking out-of-school assessments and data. There is a new safeguarding dashboard for enhanced clarity and insight to enable schools proactively protect young people. STEER Safeguarding is available as an add on to STEER Tracking.

STEER School Impact

Replaces AS Tracking cohort trend, cohort action plans and analytics charts, and offers greatly enhanced ease of use and access. STEER School Impact is available as an add on to Tracking and Safeguarding.

STEER PSHE and Family Support

Combines Footprints PSHE curriculum, Y11 Take the Wheel and Family Signposts. Provides a comprehensive set of resources to develop self-regulation in young people and to support it within families too. STEER PSHE is available as an add on to STEER Tracking and STEER Safeguarding.

STEER Soft Skills

Delivers the brand new USTEER Y12-Y13 soft skills training course. A ground-breaking technology-enabled, data-driven course to equip young people with workplace skills. The USTEER Course is available as a standalone purchase.



When is the AS Tracking name being phased out? 

We will be supporting schools to transition from AS Tracking to the new modules by September 2022. Schools who wish to do so can continue using AS Tracking until that point.  Your STEER Education consultant can guide you as you look to begin using the new STEER suite to assess your young people and safeguard their mental health.

Why is there a new STEER user interface?

Our work with schools showed us there was a need to make using AS Tracking easier and faster, as well as make it more attractive in terms of its design.  Teachers in schools are very busy and short on time and need to be able to use STEER more efficiently and effectively.

Can we still purchase AS Tracking now? 

AS Tracking is no longer available to purchase after October 2021.  All of the features and benefits of AS Tracking are now part of the new, expanded STEER suite of applications.

Our school is currently using AS Tracking: Which of the new modules will we have access to after it has been superseded by the STEER suite? 

Schools with multi-year AS Tracking contracts will have access to the modules that deliver the same levels of functionality as they currently receive through AS Tracking. At the time of renewing the contract schools may choose which modules to continue to license and use.

Will our current student data stored on AS Tracking be migrated over to the new modular suite? 


Will student assessment data from AS Tracking join up with their new assessments from the modular product? 


What are the benefits to our school of the new STEER modules over AS Tracking?  

A more flexible set of solutions, enhanced student insights and increased ease of use of all technology.

Can we stay with AS Tracking if we want to? 

You won’t be able to stay with AS Tracking beyond September 2022, but all of the data and features and benefits of AS Tracking will be there for you in the new STEER suite.