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We've tracked and safeguarded the wellbeing of over 400,000 young people in schools. See a list of all trusted Partners below.


Royal Springboard work across the UK’s boarding and independent schools sector to expand the number of 110% bursary places (those that cover all fees and extras) and ensure that these opportunities are targeted towards young people who most need them: those that have faced challenging circumstances – children and teenagers in or on the edge of care, or growing up in households and communities where opportunities to flourish are limited. They identify, prepare and support pupils to ensure that they will thrive, and their 97% retention rate is testament to the scaffolding that we put in place. Part of that scaffolding involves the use of the STEER Tracking assessment tool to track the well-being of their young people as they navigate the transition process back into their new setting. This measure was introduced to increase the success rate of integrations and intervene early if a shift in their well-being is detected.”


ReconnectEd is a social enterprise (CIC) set up to strengthen the wellbeing and resilience of young people at risk of exclusion so that they are able to flourish in mainstream school. ReconnectEd addresses these problems by providing expert coaching to young people facing adversity. Highly skilled coaches help the young people to reconnect with their learning by focussing on their personal development. ReconnectEd coaches reach these young people through Multi-Academy Trusts (‘Trusts’) based in areas of deprivation. Coaches are recruited locally as they understand the issues these young people face. ReconnectEd works in collaboration with schools and local stakeholders and provides rigorous training and regular supervision for our coaches to ensure young people at risk of exclusion can reach their educational potential and the coaches are well supported. ReconnectEd use STEER Tracking tools to monitor the well-being of their young people as they navigate the transition process back into mainstream school. This measure was introduced to increase the success rate of reintegrations and intervene early if a shift in their well-being is detected.

In September 2022, ReconnectEd began piloting their coaching programme for up to 100 young people in Sheffield over 3 academic years (Sept 22 – July 25).  We are delighted that their September 2023 Impact Report has cited STEER as contributing to fantastic impact in the first 6 months of the programme.

“Data from STEER has allowed us to create bespoke action plans for each young person identified as a priority and look at trends in the whole cohort’s mental wellbeing and self-regulation, informing our programme.”

“These action plans have led to a 100% increase in the young people’s ability to self-regulate.”

STEER’s targeted student action plans have also contributed to a 53% reduction in internal exclusions and a 23% reduction in suspensions.

Minds Ahead

Minds Ahead is a social enterprise reshaping mental health in education. They are working towards a future in which all schools are inclusive communities where pupils and staff thrive because mental health is well supported, now and for generations to come. They pursue their vision by designing and delivering mental health qualifications, training, and strategic consultancy. These empower school leaders and staff with the knowledge and tools to create environments where everyone belongs, feels understood and knows how to strengthen their mental health. As a part of this partnership, School Mental Health Specialist students on the PGCert, PGDip or Masters course have the opportunity to discover and engage with the STEER Tracking assessment tool to track the wellbeing of the young people they will monitor as part of their course commitments.


#BeeWell is a programme that annually measures the wellbeing of young people and brings together a Coalition of Partners from across civil society to deliver meaningful, youth-centred actions as a result. Co-created with 150 young people from its founding region, Greater Manchester, #BeeWell combines academic expertise with support from the education, voluntary and business sectors in order to make the wellbeing of young people everybody’s business.

#BeeWell’s three main principles are to:

  • Celebrate young people’s wellbeing
  • Act together for change
  • Listen to young people’s voices

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