STEER Pricing

Our pricing is per student per year, and allows you to tailor your STEER use to your specific requirements.


Of schools say STEER's strategies have had a positive impact on their students

STEER Essentials

£10 per student per year, paid annually

The online and mobile app tracking, and all our online resources

Our base product to measure, track and improve every young person’s self-regulation and mental health, STEER Essential also includes personalised action planning for each student, targeted strategies for teachers, executive reporting for Heads and online training for all staff.

£10 per student per year, paid annually

STEER Safeguarding

£4 per student per year, paid annually

Enhance STEER Essential to proactively detect hidden safeguarding risks that may otherwise go undetected. Safeguarding includes our unique approach to overcoming barriers to students sharing safeguarding information, reports on risks both in and out of school, and directs and guides teacher conversations.

£4 per student per year, paid annually

STEER Educational Impact

£4 per student per year, paid annually

Our whole-school online application to measure and improve the social-emotional impact of your school. Includes cohort charts, analytics and reports to quantify impac, targeted cohort strategies to improve educational impact and executive reporting to track and report on progress.

£4 per student per year, paid annually

STEER PSHE & Supprting Families

£2 per student per year, paid annually.

Our curriculum and family resources to support and enrich young people’s self-awareness and self-regulation, in and out of school, includes: the STEER Footprints PSHE curriculum for ages 7-14; the Take the Wheel dashboard for ages 15-16 and Family Signposts to provide targeted advice and strategies to support any family in your school.

£2 per student per year, paid annually.

STEER Employability

Coming soon.

Our pioneering technology-enabled, soft skill training course to give 16-18 year olds a head start in the race for jobs is a full 10 module course designed to be taught over 2 years, with a full scheme of work, video-delivered lessons, resources for experiential learning and a student app to deliver personalised soft skill assessments.

Coming soon.

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Alex Balls Deputy Head - Reeds School

STEER enables us to identify issues before they develop into real pastoral concerns.

Emma Taylor - CEO, Dean Close Foundation

I have found STEER particularly helpful in communicating with our families in Hong Kong and mainland China

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