PSHE & Families

Curriculum and family resources to support young people's social emotional literacy (SEL), in and out of school.


Of schools say STEER's strategies have had a positive impact on their students

Product Overview

All educators want to equip young people for life beyond school, be that leaving to go home at the end of the day or leaving school at 18.

STEER PSHE & Families equips young people with social-emotional literacy so they can self-regulate: make the right choice at the right time for the right reason. STEER PSHE & Families guides families with personalised advice to help their child thrive.

What is it

There are 4 products integrated into STEER PSHE & Families.

The Footprints PSHE curriculum for Y3-6
My Journey app for Y6-10
Take the Wheel for Y11
Family Signposts

Together they enrich family social-emotional literacy and improve student self-regulation.

How it works

Footprints is a 2 stage out of the box character-based curriculum, teaching social-emotional literacy to students and families
My Journey app enables students to reflect on how they are managing their lessons, friendships and challenges
Take the Wheel is an online programme enabling students understand their own personal patterns of self-regulation
Family Signposts enables you to build a personalised, practical, and precise resource to advise and support any family

The benefit

Our resources will equip your teachers to work more proactively with families.

Working together, you give the right message and opportunity for each young person so they can thrive –

When they are in school
When they are out of school
And when they are beyond school.

PSHE & Families in more detail

Footprints Curriculum KS2 PSHE

A high quality, fun, fully resourced, out of the box two stage curriculum which teaches children how to self and socially regulate, improve their relationships and build strong mental health

Take the Wheel! Yr 11 programme

A tech-enabled programme which introduces the Y11 student who has been tracked by STEER since Y3 to their own personal tracking journey. Builds deep metacognition

My Journey Y6-10 student app

An app which enables Y6-10 students to review and reflect on their management of lessons, friendships and challenges. Using weather symbols and coaching to build self-efficacy

Family Footprints Activities

A set of family activities linked to the Footprints curriculum for families to learn, practice and use Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow footprints at home! A colourful and powerful way to introduce a shared home-school language for healthy social-emotional interaction

Parent -

I am so impressed by the pre-emptive aspect of STEER. It is fantastic!

Head of Year - UK school

STEER leads to really quality conversations with pupils about how they are feeling.

Sarah Clancy - Head of Wellbeing, Windlesham House School

We are able to create really sensible, accessible, low level interventions for our staff to use to support our children.

Charlie Palmer - Teacher, Thomas's Battersea, London

We love the Footprints curriculum. The lesson concepts are fantastic and the children always respond animatedly.

Olivia - Year 12 student

Footprints gave me a language and a foundation for how I relate to people which I use even today.

Head of Year - UK school

STEER has helped to improve the quality of conversations that I am having with tutors and parents.

Emma Taylor - CEO, Dean Close Foundation Schools

I have found STEER particularly helpful in communicating with our families in Hong Kong and mainland China

We focus on the Student

Our PSHE & Families programmes help your students develop and improve social-emotional literacy (SEL) and soft skills including self-efficacy, metacognition and self-regulation.

We support Schools

Schools and parents are equally invested in their children’s education – and more than ever since the pandemic. Parents often reach out to school for guidance; they want to work with you!

Equip your teachers with a comprehensive bank of practical family strategies, linked to their child’s steer data, so that parents and teachers can be aligned in their approach.

We use a research based approach

Two doctoral studies were conducted by STEERs founders to build Footprints Curriculum and Family Signposts as effective programmes to develop young people’s self-regulation, metacognition and emotional resilience.

Other STEER products

STEER Tracking

A whole-school online application to measure, track and improve the self-regulation and mental health of every young person in your care.


A whole-school online application to proactively detect hidden safeguarding risks that otherwise could go undetected.

School Impact

A whole-school online application to measure, track and improve the impact of your school culture on the wellbeing of specific cohorts.

PSHE & Families

Curriculum and family resources to support young people's social emotional literacy (SEL), in and out of school.


A technology-enabled, soft skill training course giving 16-18 year olds a head start in the race for jobs.

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