A whole-school online application to proactively detect hidden safeguarding risks that otherwise could go undetected.


Of schools say STEER has enabled them to identify vulnerable students earlier

Product Overview

Every educational leader asks – could we do more to protect our young people? STEER Safeguarding enables schools to do more than simply report incidents of concern.

STEER Safeguarding uses a unique student-voice assessment to allow schools to see the whole picture of concerns around a young person, both in school and out of school, then proactively initiate conversations and actions.

Used during recent school lockdowns to safeguard more than 70,000 young people, STEER Safeguarding means you won’t miss a crucial piece of the jigsaw.

What is it

The STEER Safeguarding module extends the STEER assessment by just 5 minutes. The ground-breaking online student voice assessment flags young people who face risks in school, outside school, or both. The assessment overcomes the obstacles schools encounter by identifying students with hidden safeguarding risks early.

How it works

The STEER Safeguarding assessment picks up the effects of hidden safeguarding risks on the thinking of a young person. For example bullying, grooming, abuse, or family or school pressures. The assessment is able to determine whether the hidden risks lie in school, outside school, or both.

The benefit

Schools can add STEER’s Safeguarding hidden risk flags to their existing safeguarding reporting. This additional flag enables teachers to act faster. Don’t wait for a visible indicator – be proactive, investigate concerns sooner.

We focus on the Student

It’s not always easy for a young person to be open about risks and problems they are facing. Yet teachers can only provide help if they hear the student’s hidden voice.

STEER Safeguarding doesn’t pry. It uses pioneering, research-based psychology to monitor concerns in a student’s wider thinking which are picked up in the STEER student Safeguarding assessment. Through this gentle, privacy-respecting process, teachers are able to start a conversation to ensure that young person is safe.

We support Schools

Teachers cannot have eyes and ears everywhere. No one adult sees a young person in the round, both in school and outside school. And yet, often, both pieces of the jigsaw are needed to get the full picture of the risks a young person may be facing.

STEER Safeguarding gives teachers an additional set of eyes, helping them see the whole picture and to start the conversations that might otherwise have taken longer to begin.

Research based approach

The STEER Safeguarding approach is the culmination of 10 years of extensive research, involving more than 200 schools. We publish papers describing our research process and are 100% committed to an evidence-based approach to young people’s mental health.

Safeguarding in more detail

Add STEER Safeguarding to STEER Essentials

Hear pupils’ hidden voice

Proactively detect risks in school and outside

Respond earlier

AET Trust Safeguarding Lead

Steer has enabled our academies to identify students with hidden vulnerabilities, those who might otherwise remain hidden.

Deputy Head

Monkton Combe School

STEER has enabled us to identify at a really early stage those pupils who are at a hidden risk of developing social and emotional difficulties and how to help them.


UK school

The accuracy and focus that STEER brings to the school's pastoral care means that we, as a Board, have huge confidence that we are discharging our duty.

Emma Trelawny Vernon

St Ronan's School

We couldn’t imagine being without STEER’s extra, invaluable set of pastoral eyes.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Cranleigh School

We think we have excellent pastoral systems. Using STEER allows us to pick up what we do not see and react to it

Deputy Head

UK School

The tool had flagged one of the most assured boys in the year. But when I talked to him 1:1 he just burst into tears. We were then able to help.

Educational Inspector

INCYTE Inspections Report

The Steer programme has been highly successful in identifying pupils’ mental health and wellbeing needs and addressing these.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

UK school

STEER has significantly reduced the number of our pupils in need of critical pastoral support, a claim I can evidence

Educational Inspector

INCYTE Inspections Report

Because the academy has used the STEER programme proactively, there has been a significant decrease in self- harming by pupils.


UK independent school

STEER is oracular. It continues to predict issues which subsequently come up.

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