School Impact

An online application to deliver a whole-school approach to improve the social-emotional impact of your school culture.


Of schools say STEER cohort action plans give teachers practical ideas and strategies to support their students

Product Overview

Every organisation wants to believe their school has a positive impact on young people’s mental health. But can you measure the impact of your school culture? Can you be sure that all young people, in all cohorts, are thriving? Do you know which year groups are more vulnerable than others? Would you know early enough to do something about it?

STEER’s School Impact module will track the wellbeing of your student cohorts, flag specific risks, and equip your teachers with strategies to target support and then measure its impact.

What is it

STEER School Impact module measures, improves, and evidences your school’s impact on the wellbeing and self-regulation of each cohort in your organisation. Requires STEER Tracking and Safeguarding to be in place.

How it works

Real-time charts will show you: what impact your school culture has on each specific cohort; how your data compares to other similar schools; effective strategies to proactively improve your educational outcomes.

The benefit

School leaders can drive whole-school educational improvement with data. Impact of programmes can be tracked and evidenced, improving strategic and governance reporting. Investments can be targeted toward vulnerable groups, driving up impact.

We focus on the Student

Our cohort trend charts show you each student in relation to their cohort peers, so you can see how your environment impacts each student.

Take an individual student, disadvantaged cohort or group and ask – is our school a protective factor or a risk factor for wellbeing? Then do something about it.

We support Schools

School leaders need data to drive performance. STEER’s School Impact delivers termly data to drive school performance; the application gives teachers practical, effective and proven strategies to support a whole class, tutor group, house or year group.

STEER School Impact prompts teachers to review actions, find out what is working, and do more of it. Our online teacher training means everyone is equipped. We can even provide bespoke consultancy for schools.

Research based approach

The development of STEER School Impact to track and improve whole-school wellbeing required 10 years of research. This involved more than 200 schools. We publish our papers on our web site into our research process because we are committed to an evidence-based approach to young people’s mental health.

School Impact in more detail

Get termly summative executive reports

Identify vulnerable cohorts across your school

Compare your school to national or sector means

Write targeted cohort action plans using 500 expert strategies

Measure the impact of the actions you take

Peter Goodyer

CEO of the Bede's School Trust

If we find in Y9 girls there is an issue around Self-Disclosure, we can put together a structured cohort plan. And it allows us to see the impact of that plan.


London academy

STEER allows us to redress the balance of our assessment systems, increasing the focus on children’s social and emotional development

Group Safeguarding Lead

Academies Enterprise Trust



UK school

The accuracy and focus that STEER brings to the school's pastoral care means that we, as a Board, have huge confidence that we are discharging our duty.

Martin Reader

Headteacher, Cranleigh School

STEER provides us with the data to support the new inspection requirement for personal development.

Deputy Head Pastoral

Monkton Combe School

STEER has significantly reduced the number of our pupils in need of critical pastoral support, a claim I can evidence

School Inspector

INCYTE Inspection Report

Because the academy has used the STEER programme proactively, there has been a significant decrease in self- harming by pupils.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

UK school

We think we have excellent pastoral systems. Using STEER allows us to pick up what we do not see and react to it

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