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We are privileged to serve a wide range schools; from large state schools in areas of deprivation, to leading private schools, sports academies and specialist schools.


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Webinar – Bede’s School

Bede’s started tracking their pupils 3 years ago and over that time they’ve tracked and supported thousands of students and trained over 100 tutors and teachers. Peter Goodyer, CEO of the Bede’s School Trust, Alex Murphy, Assistant Head and Annabel Hodge, Director of Safeguarding share how STEER Tracking helped them detect pupils’ hidden risks, support families and train teachers to act earlier to move their pastoral care from reactive to proactive.

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Making an impact

BETT Awards Winner 2021 - Best Leadership & Management Solution

“An innovative whole school approach. The award is a reflection of 20 years work to improve the lives of young people.”

Designated Safeguarding Lead - UK school

The information produced by the STEER student action plans is incredible and so helpful. The staff have really embraced it.

Deputy Head - Monkton Combe School

STEER has enabled us to identify at a really early stage those pupils who are at a hidden risk of developing social and emotional difficulties and how to help them.

Frank O’Kelly MBE - MB BS MRCGP DA(UK DCH) DRCOG, School doctor, GP

As a clinician I have no doubt that these STEER action plans are likely to achieve a better health outcome for the child.

Chris King - Chair, HMC, 2019

STEER offers the opportunity to better understand the needs of individual pupils so they are more likely to perform to their academic potential.

Houseparent - UK secondary school

STEER is oracular. It continues to predict issues which subsequently come up.

Trust Designated Safeguarding Lead - AET Multi Academy Trust


Governor - UK secondary school

The accuracy and focus that STEER brings to the school's pastoral care means that we, as a Board, have huge confidence that we are discharging our duty.

Designated Safeguarding Lead - UK secondary school

The tool had flagged one of the most assured boys in the year. But when I talked to him 1:1 he just burst into tears. We were then able to help.

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Cranleigh School

We think we have excellent pastoral systems. Using STEER allows us to pick up what we do not see and react to it

INCYTE Inspectors - Safeguarding Inspection Report

The Steer programme has been highly successful in identifying pupils’ mental health and wellbeing needs and addressing these.

Head Teacher - UK academy

STEER allows us to redress the balance of our assessment systems, increasing the focus on children’s social and emotional development

Martin Reader - Cranleigh School

STEER provides us with the data to support the new inspection requirement for personal development.

Deputy Head - UK school

STEER has significantly reduced the number of our pupils in need of critical pastoral support, a claim I can evidence.

INCYTE Inspectors - Safeguarding Inspection Report

Because the academy has used the STEER programme proactively, there has been a significant decrease in self- harming by pupils

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