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USTEER is our ground-breaking soft skill training course that gives 16-18 year olds a head start in the race for jobs


Employers feel graduates lack workplace aptitudes, 2018 CBI Pearson skills survey

Product Overview

Every school aims to prepare their students for the world of work. But in an era where soft skills matter as much to employers as academic qualifications, is your school providing all the training students need? Are your students leaving school with the soft skills and leadership abilities to get hired?

The USTEER Course, STEER’s Soft Skills product, is a plug and play, tech-enabled course. It will train your 16-18 year old students to acquire the soft skills they need to succeed at school, in further education, an apprenticeship and the workplace.

What is it

The USTEER Course is a technology-enabled 20 lesson, zero prep, soft skill training course for students aged 16-18.

The Course trains students to develop the soft skills to succeed in exams, interviews and leadership at school, and apprenticeships and the workplace after school.


How it works

Students learn successful influencing strategies used by key figures in sports, business and politics.

Students watch our exclusive interviews with leading psychologists, recruiters, and recent graduates. Students complete psychological assessments and training exercises whilst working towards their  USTEER  certificate.

The benefit

Students gain a powerful head start developing the soft skills to succeed at school and beyond.

Students receive lifetime access to our USTEER app to continue soft skill training. Students gain an objective certification of soft skills progress and abilities.

We focus on the Student

Students engage in theory, practical, self-directed and experiential activities on the USTEER Course.

The USTEER app provides personalised feedback for each student to train and develop the key soft skills to succeed in: Exams,  interviews, leadership at school and the workplace.

We’ll also give students lifetime access to our USTEER app to continue soft skill training.

We support Schools

USTEER is an affordable, zero prep, plug and play video-enabled course. Schools can deliver the course within PSHE or General Studies.  The 20 lesson Course can be taught across two years, fitting in with your school’s timetabling needs.

Each lesson is delivers its content through video, activities and app-based training exercises.

Workplace driven success

We worked with top businesses to design the ground breaking USTEER soft skill Course.

Based on award-winning methods developed at an Oxford University leadership course run from 2005,  USTEER gives students an objective certificate of their soft skill development to take to the workplace.

More details . . .

20 lesson zero prep soft skill training course

A comprehensive, fully resourced, plug-and-play course delivered through an app and videos, learning from inspiring figures, with personalised soft-skill training and automated assessment.

Technology enabled, personalised student training and feedback

Students complete a series of psychological assessments on an app, which gives them real-time feedback to improve their soft skills.

Master 8 critical Influencing Strategies and high performance behaviours

Students learn to self-regulate 4 social-emotional levers which underpin life-long mental health, strong social relationships and master 8 key influencing strategies.

Gain a certificate for 3 key soft-skills used business

The USTEER Course was developed from a successful course run for senior leaders in top global firms. Students are trained with the same methods and work towards a certificate of their Grit, Agency and Agility.


Student, Y13

USTEER gave me a language and a foundation for how I relate to people which I use day to day

Gordon Opie,

Deputy Head Kingswood School, Bath

I am so excited about the USTEER Course. I think it’s one of the most important things you can give a student, that ability to self-regulate when they leave our school community.

Dan Hyde,

CEO Erevena, leading UK exec recruitment agency

It’s not possible to get to top level position in a company without the ability to steer.

Sir Anthony Seldon

Former Vice Chancellor, Buckingham University

If understood, these ideas on leadership will change you to the enduring benefit of those who work for you

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Soft Skills

A technology-enabled, soft skill training course giving 16-18 year olds a head start in the race for jobs.

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