Below is an archive of webinars from schools sharing how they have integrated STEER into their wellbeing systems.


Of schools say STEER has helped them identify vulnerable students earlier.


How to involve your students in their STEER journey

Robert Lloyd Williams from STEER interviews Paul Barlow, Olivia Walker, Elizabet and Jonathan Gunzi and Clare Sergeant about how and why to involve pupils in their STEER journey


Integrating STEER with your counselling and wellbeing systems

Robert Lloyd Williams from STEER interviews Gordon Opie, Deputy Head, about how Kingswood school in Bath have integrated STEER tools with their counselling and wellbeing systems.


Tackling Low Self-Disclosure

Alex Murphy, Assistant Head, and colleagues from Bede’s School in Sussex share how they improved pupil wellbeing by tackling low pupil Self-Disclosure using training and guidance from STEER’s tools.

SEND: Using STEER data to provide targeted support for students with ASD

The first in the SEND webinar series, where Oliver Young, Bede’s School SEND lead, shares how STEER has enabled the school to better support boys and girls with ASD.

St Lawrence College discuss the impact of their investment in STEER

Tom Moulton, Deputy Head Pastoral at St Lawrence College and his colleague Amy Humphrys, discuss the time, effort and financial commitment the school has made in implementing STEER, against the impacts STEER has had on their pastoral care.

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