STEER announces CEO appointment


We are very excited to announce that Andrew Pearson has been appointed to STEER as CEO and takes up his post from May. Andrew comes from a long and successful technology background across several industries. He was responsible for leading CloudPay to become one of the world’s foremost financial pay services and is an expert in ensuring highly valued, sensitive data is safe, secure and easily accessible for clients, round the globe. Andrew joins STEER with passion for young people’s opportunities, and a heart to serve, as he explains below…


I have been very fortunate to have had a varied career to date, having worked across a very wide range of sectors and technologies. These experiences have helped shape who I am as as a leader, but there has always been something missing. I’ve always wanted to lead a purpose driven organisation that is seeking to change the world for the better in a meaningful way. To “put a dent in the universe”. Over the past few months I have got know Simon Walker and Jo Walker, and I am now honoured and privileged to be asked by them to lead the next phase of the journey of the great company they have created.

As I got to know Jo, Simon and others in the team it became clear this is a very special company, with a great culture and a group of talented professionals that are driven and passionate about what we do. All companies strive to create this, but few succeed. To have this foundation is precious. That all this energy and focus is on something so important is even rarer. My own experiences as a parent of teenagers gives me great awareness and concern around the pressures and challenges they face. The worsening mental health data we see and the experiences of families I know shows me there is an urgent and present need for an approach that is proactive and not just reactive. That’s what we do. Also, being the custodian of children’s data is also a very great responsibility, and I will be able to bring over 25 years of expertise in data management and data security, culminating in 11 years with CloudPay where we manage and keep safe large volumes of ever changing financial and personal data.

We understand schools are incredibly busy places where teachers need to be able to access and use data easily and swiftly, and we’ll be working hard to develop and enhance our technology to serve this need as STEER grows – we are now serving over 220 schools across 14 countries, and hope to be able to serve many more, both in the UK and around the world. Serving is the essence of STEER – our goal is to serve children, to serve schools, and to serve families. In the future we also aim to serve in wider settings through USTEER, our new initiative that we hope can be used by corporate enterprises and government institutions around the world. As we grow my commitment is that we will be very focused in doing things in a sequence that is measured and appropriate to ensuring that the children, students, teachers, parents, employees and leaders we serve are successful in developing and using steering techniques to guide and enhance their lives.

This is also a return to my roots in some respects, in that my first few roles after graduating from university were in educational and academic publishing, before I focused on technology. It feels like I’ve come full circle, and I am incredibly excited by this next journey and am hugely looking forward to leading STEER in the years ahead.

Andrew Pearson April 2021