STEER for School Groups

A comprehensive technology and implementation service to give school groups the ability to measure, track and improve wellbeing across their whole group.


Of schools say that STEER strategies have had a positive impact on their students

Product Overview

As a CEO of a MAT do you have a pastoral dashboard which is as evidence-based and detailed as your academic dashboard?  Do you have sight of the wellbeing and mental health of all the pupils across all your schools?

STEER provides groups with a standardised, data-driven, impact-focused approach to measure, track, and improve social-emotional health across their schools, and demonstrate a high level of proactive safeguarding.

STEER has enabled large school groups such as Academies Enterprise Trust, third largest Multi Academy Trust in the UK, and Cognita, an independent school group which runs 75 schools worldwide, to roll out an effective group-wide programme to track and improve student mental health in every school.

What is it

STEER for Groups provides a comprehensive toolkit and implementation service for school groups rolling out STEER across their schools.

A programme of training, supervision and scaffolding over 3 years to introduce and embed STEER in your group.

A powerful group dashboard to track the implementation and impact on student mental health of STEER across their schools.

How it works

We work closely with your group DSL to implement STEER over 3 years

Y1 Implement STEER across early adopter schools

Y2 Roll out STEER across the group

Y3 Cascade best practice across schools; measure progress and report to governors and inspectors.

The benefit

Your group leadership is able to manage, improve and track group-wide student wellbeing

Measure student wellbeing term by term

Identify schools with the highest positive impact

Monitor and measure group progress termly

Identify vulnerable student demographics

Upskill teachers to act more proactively

Case Study: National MAT

We worked with a national MAT of 58 schools, including 21 secondary schools, many in deprived coastal and urban areas.

Following a successful pilot in four schools in 2018, the Trust rolled out STEER across the whole trust of 58 schools in 2019.

“Steer has enabled our colleagues in academies to accurately and efficiently identify students with hidden vulnerabilities, those who might otherwise remain hidden. The analysis of these vulnerabilities enables colleagues to pinpoint specific steering biases for individual students and facilitates the completion of individual action plans.

Over the period of the two lockdowns, we have been able to track the degree to which our students, and specific groups of students see school as a protective factor and to respond accordingly.

The system has supported our colleagues in building up their own expertise in supporting these students and to provide the appropriate support in school and to engage with parents more closely in this process.”

From a trust perspective, the support from STEER has been outstanding.”

Trust DSL

Case Study: Global School Group

We worked with a global independent school group who run over 75 schools in Europe, Asia and Latin America, including more than 35 in the UK.

Following successful launches in four UK schools in 2017, the group began a wider roll out of STEER across three regions.

The roll out involved overcoming complexities of language and culture, time and distance. A structure of regional support for Asia, Europe and the UK was created. Specific programmes for training and supporting local schools were implemented. STEER participated in a regular central feedback group to review programme progress.

In addition, STEER provided a dashboard to report on the impact STEER had on teachers’ pastoral self-efficacy. 100% of teachers reported that STEER had enabled them to identify and support vulnerable pupils earlier.

“Cognita’s commitment to student well-being and character development are embedded in both the Core Values and the ‘Be Well Charter’ adopted worldwide by every school. Embedding STEER Tracking across the group was the obvious next step to help the all the leaders universally and consistently monitor pupils’ mental health over time, identify trends, share good practice and intervene in a timely fashion. It helped the group to demonstrate genuine impact and be true to our vision, aims and mission statements.”

Simon Antwis, Former Cognita Head Teacher and Group Data Lead

Case Study: National Charity

We have worked with Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation over 5 years to support vulnerable children, on a pro bono basis.

RNCSF is the UK’s largest bursary charity, helping disadvantaged and vulnerable children from across the UK to access fully funded bursaries at leading schools.

“Since 2017, all new SpringBoard pupils placed in our boarding school network use STEER’s pioneering online, interactive tracking tool which generates data based on patterns of bias linked to mental health risks. This provides us with specific guidance to support each pupil in a targeted way.”

“Using STEER Tracking for a second year, we can evidence with more reliable data, the positive impact that boarding schools are having on Royal SpringBoard pupils, especially within their first year at school. We can see that pupils are generally becoming better able to self-regulate during their time at boarding school.’

‘The STEER tracking data provides the charity and its boarding school network with insights to reflect on as they develop their work.”

RNCSF 2019 Annual Report

STEER provides a licence to RNCSF to use STEER Tracking without cost.

STEER Group Dashboard

Measure the impact of your schools on student wellbeing

Measure the impact of your schools on student self-regulation term by term, year by year.

Identify and cascade best practice

Identify schools with the highest impact, cascade good practice across the group

Monitor progress in your less effective schools schools

Support schools with the lowest impact, monitor and measure progress termly

Support vulnerable demographic groups

Identify vulnerable student demographics across the group, target resources

Upskill teachers and adopt group-wide strategies

Upskill teachers to act more proactively and effectively through group-wide training and strategies

“STEER provided me with a pastoral dashboard as good as my academic dashboard, which enabled me to drive up standards and secure the wellbeing of every child in all of my schools.”

Simon Antwis, Former Head Teacher, ESTYN Inspector

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