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Before we used STEER Tracking, issues would emerge and in three out of about five cases, we would have been able to predict them. We started to think that we could be more proactive about this and we wondered about the two out of five issues that we weren’t predicting.


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Reed’s School wanted to be less reactive when it came to students’ pastoral care. The school was looking for a way to listen more effectively to students and, where possible, support them before any issues escalated.

The issue to address

Reed’s School was looking to be more proactive – and less reactive – in the way it supported students’ mental health.

How STEER Tracking helped

The school rolled out STEER Tracking in a gradual way – at first to two year groups, then to four year groups and finally across the whole school. Alex Balls, the school’s Deputy Head Pastoral, says STEER “helped tutors to really engage in conversations that shaped our pastoral care”. The resources, including action plans, made “a real impact”. “The eureka moments have been when tutors have seen a big difference in pupils and parents have commented on the change they’ve noticed in their children,” says Alex.

The outcome

STEER Tracking is now “an integral part of being at Reed’s for students and parents,” says Alex Balls. “It’s an additional tool we value. We can interpret the data and see the impact of students’ action plans.” Alex says STEER has helped the school focus conversations between tutors and tutees and ensure that students who most need support are given it. For Alex, an added bonus is being able to present the data to governors and show how pastoral care at the school is making a difference.

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