STEER Tracking

A whole-school online application to measure, track and improve the self-regulation and mental health of every young person in your care.


Students supported by a STEER action plan reduce their social-emotional risks in 6 months

Product Overview

Every leader wants their school to be a place where each student develops as a person as well as a learner. But can you provide data to objectively evidence that young people develop emotionally during their time in your school?

STEER Tracking is a ground breaking application to measure, track and improve the self-regulation of every young person in your school, equip your teachers to give personalised support and evidence its impact year on year.

What is it

STEER Tracking measures, tracks and improves how each young person self-regulates four factors which are fundamental to wellbeing and good mental health. Tracking identifies hidden emotional risks that might otherwise go undetected, equipping teachers to proactively target their support, and measure impact.

How it works

Schools follow a 5 step process each term or semester. 1. Train staff (fast online training) 2. Assess students with 10 min browser or mobile app assessment 3. Prioritise students flagged as a concern 4. Act to implement a personalised action plan using the expert strategies suggested by the STEER application 5. Review impact of actions at the next assessment

The benefit

Self-regulation is a critical foundation to young people’s mental health and academic outcomes. By measuring, tracking and improving self-regulation, STEER Tracking moves your wellbeing approach from reactive to proactive; generalized to targeted; anecdotal to measurable.

We focus on the Student

STEER Tracking shows you how each student self-regulates four factors: Self-Disclosure, Trust of Self, Trust of Others and Seeking Change.

STEER Tracking then equips you to know how to support each student based on data, and then provides you with personalised strategies for that young person day-to-day. Take any individual student and ask – what do I need to do next to signpost this young person’s development? Then put that guidance into action.

We support Schools

We understand teachers are busy. STEER Tracking, designed by teachers, reduces the time required to respond to your students’ mental health needs. Teachers get practical, effective and personalised strategies to support every student in their care.

The application prompts you to review your actions regularly, find out what is working, and do more of it. Our easy to use online teacher training means everyone is fully equipped. We can also provide bespoke consultancy for schools wanting more.

Research based approach

The development of STEER Tracking as a tool to track and improve whole-school wellbeing and self-regulation required 10 years research.

Our research involved more than 200 schools. We publish our papers on our website into our research process because we are committed to an evidence-based approach to young people’s mental health.

Tracking in more detail…

01: Train teachers

Teachers are trained to use the STEER Tracking platform on our flexible online training course.

02. Assess whole school

Students complete a short, sophisticated 15m assessment on the STEER Tracking platform or app twice or three times/ year. This measures and tracks each student's ability to self-regulate.

03. Prioritise students

Students with poor self-regulation, those who have deteriorated since last assessment, and those at risk are flagged. The STEER Tracking platform precisely describes the risk and highlights effective actions to take.

04. Act on expert guidance

Teachers use the expert guidance on the STEER Tracking platform to write short, targeted action plans for identifies students. These are shared with relevant colleagues and put into place. On average 8/10 students reduce their risks when supported by a STEER action plan.

05. Review impact

The impact of action plans is measured when the school repeats it's STEER Tracking assessments in 4 months time.

INCYTE school report

The STEER programme has been highly successful in identifying pupils’ mental health and wellbeing needs and addressing them.

Martin Reader

Headteacher, Cranleigh school

STEER provides us with the data to support the new inspection requirement for personal development.

Deputy Head

UK school

The information produced by the STEER student action plans is incredible and so helpful. The staff have really embraced it.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Tendring Technical College



School doctor and GP

As a clinician I have no doubt that these STEER action plans are likely to achieve a better health outcome for the child.

Chris King

HMC Chair 2016

STEER offers the opportunity to better understand the needs of individual pupils so they are more likely to perform to their academic potential.


UK school

The accuracy and focus that STEER brings to the school's pastoral care means that we, as a Board, have huge confidence that we are discharging our duty.

School Inspector

INCYTE Inspection Report

The Steer programme has been highly successful in identifying pupils’ mental health and wellbeing needs and addressing these.

Deputy Head Pastoral

UK School

STEER has significantly reduced the number of our pupils in need of critical pastoral support, a claim I can evidence

Peter Goodyer

CEO of the Bede's School Trust

If we find in Y9 girls there is an issue round Self-Disclosure, we can put together a structured cohort plan. And it allows us to see the impact of that plan.

Head of Year

UK School

STEER has helped to improve the quality of conversations that I am having with tutors and parents.

Group Safeguarding Lead

Academies Enterprise Trust

Steer has enabled our academies to accurately and efficiently identify students with hidden vulnerabilities, those who might otherwise remain hidden.

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