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You want a mental health partner you can trust, whose approach is proven to work. We want you to listen to others who have worked with us so that you can make an informed choice.


Of schools say STEER has helped them identify vulnerable students earlier.

Emma Kendrick

Downe House School

“STEER helps us look proactively at how we support all our students.”

William Trelawny Vernon

Saint Ronan’s School

“We wanted a safe, objective and effective way of monitoring the mental health of our students.”

Rachel Smart

Deputy Head
St Clare’s School

“STEER leads to really quality conversations with pupils about how they are feeling.”

Vince Irwin

Aysgarth School

“We were able to to identify boys needing support more easily, and then provide that support more effectively….”

Sarah Clancy

Wellbeing Lead
Windlesham House

“We are able to create really sensible, accessible, low level interventions for our staff to use to support our children.”

Sky News Report

Tendring Technical College, AET

“Since we have started using as tracking, we’ve had a 20 % decrease in self-harm at the college.”

Charlie Palmer

Thomas’s London Day Schools

“We love the Footprints curriculum. The lesson concepts are fantastic and the children always respond animatedly.”



“STEER gave me a language and a foundation for how I relate to people which I use even today.”

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