Watch STEER Education on ITV News


Watch Simon Antwis on ITV News. The piece, at 14:21, talks about our study of 15,000 young people that showed the effects of the pandemic on mental health.

As Simon says, our study found that girls aged as young as 11 are now 30% more likely to suffer from poor mental health than boys of the same age. By the time young girls reach the age of 18, they are more than twice as likely to be experiencing some form of poor mental health than boys of the same age.

Our tool – STEER Tracking – alerts schools to students who may have emerging mental health risks, but are not showing visible signs of vulnerability. It also identifies students who may be hiding safeguarding concerns.

We provide schools with guidance, tailored to each student so that they can act early to prevent problems from escalating.

To watch the full interview, follow the link here.