Pioneering charity uses STEER to reduce exclusions by over 50%



ReconnectEd has just reported the first six months’ impact of their pioneering coaching programme. The programme, targeting 100 young people in Sheffield, looks to re-engage vulnerable young people at high risk of exclusion.  The report cited STEER as contributing to a 53% reduction in internal exclusions in the first 6 months, and a 23% reduction in suspensions.

ReconnectEd is a social enterprise (CIC) set up to strengthen the wellbeing and resilience of young people at risk of exclusion so that they are able to flourish in mainstream school. ReconnectEd addresses these problems by providing expert coaching to young people facing adversity. Highly skilled coaches help the young people to reconnect with their learning by focussing on their personal development. ReconnectEd coaches reach these young people through Multi-Academy Trusts (‘Trusts’) based in areas of deprivation.

Coaches are recruited locally as they understand the issues these young people face. ReconnectEd works in collaboration with schools and local stakeholders and provides rigorous training and regular supervision for our coaches to ensure young people at risk of exclusion can reach their educational potential and the coaches are well supported.

ReconnectEd use STEER Tracking tools to monitor the well-being of their young people as they navigate the transition process back into mainstream school. This measure was introduced to increase the success rate of reintegrations and intervene early if a shift in their well-being is detected.In September 2022, ReconnectEd began piloting their coaching programme for up to 100 young people in Sheffield over 3 academic years (Sept 22 – July 25).


STEER contributes directly to a large reduction in exclusions

ReconnectEd’s September 2023 Impact Report cited STEER as contributing to high positive impact in the first 6 months of the programme.

“Data from STEER has allowed us to create bespoke action plans for each young person identified as a priority and look at trends in the whole cohort’s mental wellbeing and self-regulation, informing our programme.

These action plans have led to a 100% increase in the young people’s ability to self-regulate.”

STEER’s targeted student action plans have also contributed to a 53% reduction in internal exclusions and a 23% reduction in suspensions.

STEER is committed to supporting ReconnectEd throughout the 3 year pilot. We look forward to watching as more disengaged and vulnerable young people can be successful re-connected with school, and are privileged to be providing the key tool in the kit which is making such a positive difference.